Never go on a coding adventure alone. Bring a pair.

pair hero

The Game

Pair hero is a collaboration game for pair programming where each player gets a turn writing tests, code and scoring points. Each game is 25 minutes long so you can keep your pomodoro breaks.



  • Each passing Test + 10 points
  • Each refactoring + 2 points
  • Switch driver in less than 1 minute multiplies your score by 2
  • Switch driver in less than 30 seconds multiplies your score by 4

Writing just enough code to pass the keyboard to your pair is highly rewarded!

Ping Pong Programming

The game is based on possibly the most collaborative and fun of all the pair programming practices. The rules are simple:

  1. You write a test and make sure that it fails
  2. I implement enough code to make the test pass
  3. I write a test and make sure that it fails
  4. You implement enough code to make the test pass
  5. Goto 1

Refactoring is done whenever the need comes up.



Which one are you?

  • The Explorator knows the latest mocking techniques and moves fast from red to green.
  • The King's code is clean, robust and direct. Long live the King!
  • The Courageous is an expert in rescuing legacy projects. People look up to him to make things right.
  • The Wizard has more sorcery and spells that can break through any code at will.

Open Source

All the code and images are available at

Installation from Eclipse

Requires Eclipse Helios (3.6) or greater to run.

  • From Help > Install new software...
  • Click on Add Site and enter PairHero as the name and as the location.
  • A new feature called "PairHero" should show up in the main install area. Select it and continue with the installation.