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Pulse: peek into your TDD heartbeat.

Awesome for...

Coding Kata practice

Pulse is useful when you want to practice your red to green flow. It shows how short those iterations are.

Refactoring legacy fun

Because we enjoy extracting, inlining, and drawing new interfaces. Pulse can show us our best moves.

Show off

Save and export your sessions, they are forever yours to keep. You can always remember those good old days when you and Bob ran the tests 20 times and refactored all that code in only 25 minutes.

Anatomy of a session

Pulse plugs into your testing and refactoring activity to show you a real time chart of your coding session.

The time line shrinks to display all the activities so you can get the big picture.

Open Source

All code for Pulse is available at https://github.com/sbastn/com.happyprog.pulse

Installing the plugin

Requires Eclipse Helios (3.6) or greater to run

  • Go to Help > Install New Software...
  • Click on Add Site and enter Pulse as the name and http://www.happyprog.com/pulse/update as the location
  • A new feature called "Pulse" should appear. Select it and continue with the installation.