A virtual pet that helps you raise your TDD practice.

Remember tamagotchi? You probably played with one at some point. You needed to feed it and care for it. A TDGotchi is similar, but you feed it tests and refactorings.

Feeding and caring

TDGotchi is hungry. Feed it some tests!

  • Make a test fail and then make it pass, TDGotchi is happy.
  • If your test run fails twice, TDGotchi is upset.
  • Refactor, rename, inline. That makes TDGotchi happy.


As your tests go from red to green, TDGotchi evolves through different stages. But be careful! Enough test failures can transform it into a zombie.

Fast View Mode

The easiest way to keep TDGotchi around without sacrificing your editor space, is to have it in "fast view mode". Just right click on the TDGotchi title bar and select Fast View. TDGotchi will still be jumping around happy when the test pass.

Open Source

All the code and images are available at https://github.com/sbastn/com.happyprog.tdgotchi

Installation from Eclipse

Requires Eclipse Helios (3.6) or greater to run.

  • From Help > Install new software...
  • Click on Add Site and enter TDGotchi as the name and http://www.happyprog.com/tdgotchi/update as the location.
  • A new feature called "TDGotchi" should show up in the main install area. Select it and continue with the installation.